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I'm Steph, Philadelphia's Natural Newborn Photographer serving young families and expecting Mother's in Bucks County, the Main Line and Philadelphia areas.

These are lifestyle photos, using natural light, guided prompts and natural engagement among the people you love to create modern and unexpected portraits for your family.

My sessions are child-led as we capture the feeling of this time in a natural, organic way.

The Motherhood Experience is a two part photography package. We first photograph your life as an expecting mother- a maternity session to remember this time that has been for so long. Whether it is arrival of your first baby, or your fourth, each milestone is to be honored before you shift into the new.

Steph Kines Photo Natural Indoor Newborn Photography Philadelphia
Newborn Photography

Lifestyle Photography Philadelphia: Maternity to Newborn

There is a natural magic that unfolds when photographing inside your own home. For newborns, this is where they first travel to, where they rest and eat and cry and look around with wonderment. For new parents, this is where they figure it all out-

Natural Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography

Natural Newborn Photography: Indoor Lifestyle, Philadelphia

Our time together should be enjoyable, your children should have fun, your partner should think “that wasn’t so bad…” We want feel-good feelings attached to this experience so the images can bring warmth and smiles.

A mix of family photography and newborn photography during a natural lifestyle newborn photography session in Philadelphia
Newborn Photography

Lifestyle Newborn Photography: Family on The Main Line, Philadelphia

You might have heard “it’s all about the lighting” or something along those lines when people talk Photography Shop. Truth is, lighting is everything. Circa 2017 I believed I could Photoshop my way out of any situation and all I had to do was take a photograph. That could not be further from the truth. […]

Young baby girl plays with dandelions on her basement floor. She has diffused light coming in from the side to better understand natural light for indoor photography
Advice + Tips

Understanding Natural Light: Tips to Better smartphone Photography at Home

People often ask me where my favorite place to photograph is. And the answer is always right here. Right where I am. I get lost behind my camera looking for windows of moments to frame for you and details of your life that might seem ordinary today, but will not be ordinary in a few […]

Black and White collage of a newborn photographed in his own home with his father and a sleeping portrait
Newborn Photography

Main Line Newborn Photography at Home

We want to capture you, in your life, with your people, among your travel trinkets and thoughtful fixtures. Though there is beauty in the grand and magnificent, there is also beauty in the simple and real. You are magical in your own right, doing the things that are soooo important when it comes to raising children and building a family.

A side by side collage of the a couple expecting a baby. They are in the in the master bedroom, a place of low light. Moody, sexy, maternity photography
Advice + Tips

Best Places to Photograph Inside: at home Photography Sessions

I welcome all pieces of indoor newborn photography in hopes to give you true-to-life snippets of how this time really was, how this time really felt. I often hear client apprehensions in booking sessions with young children, sharing statements like “my kids would never sit for that”

Black and White image of a newborn baby stretching on the couch
Newborn Photography

Newborn Session with a Toddler: Indoor Family Photography Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We decided on an intimate, slow paced experience scheduled around nap times and happy times. Though this was a larger farm style home a few miles north of Baltimore, we used only two of the rooms in the house- I wanted to focus on connection and let the Little Miss settle in and feel comfortable. Maybe another session would showcase the landscape of their life, but for this particular vision, I found it distracting.

Milestone Photography First Birthday
Family Photography

First Birthday Milestone Photography Baltimore Maryland

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