What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography has more of a natural, candid and relaxed feel in comparison to portrait photography, which is more posed.  Lifestyle photography is often in your own home, as it aims to tell the story of this time in your life. Lifestyle outdoors is approached the same playful, interactive and engaging style.   

There are little extras. There are no props, no distractions, no fluff.

Lifestyle photography in your own home

Lifestyle photography leans more towards unposed, real reflections of your everyday life, captured in an artful way.  Our goal is to shine light and feeling on the life you are living now, moving away from posed and prompted smiles.

At Home Lifestyle Photography on the Main Line

Why choose Lifestyle Photography?

The benefits of lifestyle photography, especially when it comes to working with newborns and young children, is the comfort and ease that comes with being in your own home.   There is less pressure placed on the session as there is no travel, there is no one coming into the studio after you and your nap time routines can stay in place.

Preparing for your session:

Our phone conversation is where I get to know you a bit more and understand the things that are important to you during this time of your life.  Maybe you have had a difficult road to pregnancy. Maybe you have an older child and want to focus on the sibling bond.  There are special details like hair curls, pursed lips, thigh rolls and first steps.  This is where I get a better feel for how you bond as a family, your style and what you want from our time together.

relaxed lifestyle family and newborn photography

How it works:

For indoor sessions I create pockets of natural light in your home for you to engage with your children and family in a playful, natural way.  I have some guided prompts and games to get things rolling, but mostly, we let the moments unfold in an organic way and I just happen to be there to capture them.

For outdoor sessions we explore fields, water, nature.  We can gather flowers and roll around in the grass.  Lifestyle outdoor photography sessions give you the space to play and create new memories with your family.  Think of it more as an evening spent together than a photography session.

Why I love lifestyle photography:

I do appreciate images of smiling humans looking directly into the camera, but I have found that the images I am drawn to the most in my own life, tell a bit more of a story.  The photographs I have printed around my home are emotive and expressive.  A whisper between my husband and I, my grandparents holding hands while walking, my nieces dancing on the bed.  Those are the moments I want to look at everyday and remember.  

At Home Lifestyle Photography in a real life style

I wanted to bring that idea to my photography and give to my clients unexpected moments of connection and interaction with their children. 

We have a camera on us at all times now and our phones do a wonderful job of selfies, smiles and “sit and look at me” photos, but how often are we captured making our babies laugh? 

How often are we captured with them sleeping on our chest?  These are the moments I long to relive myself and want to give to my clients.

What works for you.

When looking for a photographer that you connect with, the golden guideline is finding some that speaks to you.  You are making an investment of your time and your money, so choosing someone that makes your heart stop when you see their work is the person for you. Find the photographer that makes you smile and think, “I want that.”

At Home lifestyle photography

Steph is Philadelphia’s Natural Newborn Photographer, specializing in finding light and connection in your own space.  She offers maternity, family, milestone and newborn photography in a warm, natural and unexpected way.  Her clients love that her sessions are child-led which means giving space and guidance to young children to be themselves in their own environment.  This leads to more true reflection of your family at this time in your life.  All clients receive a collection of prints and the rights to fully edited digital files.  Steph can design custom, heirloom albums and assist with wall galleries to display in your home.  I invite you to learn more about the quality and feel of my offered products and art with this blog post.


Steph serves Philadelphia, Bucks County and The Main Line including:

Bryn Mawr  |  Media   |  Main Line  |  Gladwyne  |  Villanova  |  Radnor   |  Narberth   |  Wynwood   |  Ardmore  |   Malvern   |  Strafford  |   Chestnut Hill   |  Haverford   |  Merion   |  Penn Valley  |   Doylestown   |  New Hope   |  North Wales   |  Lansdale   |  Harleysville   |  Newtown Square  |  Collegeville

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