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I'm Steph, Philadelphia's Natural Newborn Photographer serving young families and expecting Mother's in Bucks County, the Main Line and Philadelphia areas.

These are lifestyle photos, using natural light, guided prompts and natural engagement among the people you love to create modern and unexpected portraits for your family.

My sessions are child-led as we capture the feeling of this time in a natural, organic way.

There is one place and one place only that is the backdrop for newborn photography and that’s newborn photos at home. Not only is home where the real work happens, but it creates a keepsake for your family. To look back at photos taken in your own nursery or on your parent’s bed is food […]

Newborn Photos at home
Newborn Photography

Newborn Photos at Home

Preparation for a newborn session with a family five is the most important part of our booking process. Your newborn will guide us between posing and lifestyle imagery- depending on their sleepiness or their alertness. The older siblings, depending on age, will be in an out of the frame, taking little breaks to play and wonder around the home to decompress.

That is the best part of having a photographer come to YOU when you have three children to manage. Their toys, their soothing activities, their private space to relax is right there. It takes a little bit of the pressure off and allows us to go with flow of the morning.

Family of Five Newborn Session indoors
Newborn Photography

Family of Five Newborn Photography

These sessions work together to tell your story- from belly bumps to holding newborns, a photographer can use your home in a way to create a story that unfolds easily from maternity to newborn.

Maternity to Newborn Photos with dogs at home with dogs
Newborn Photography

Candid Maternity and Newborn Photos

The best way to bring pets into the session is to do it in a natural, safe way. This can include laying on the couch, snuggled in bed. We will use treats and toys to gain attention and interaction. Sometimes the morning can be a bit overwhelming for fur friends, so we want to make sure there is always a safe option B for when we need a little rest and calmness.

Parents with their newborn son spend time in their home with their two dogs
Newborn Photography

Pets and Newborns | Ambler, PA

These images were taken in two rooms and two rooms only. I could have done the entire session on the couch. There was so much fun, laughter and young energy here! So many little games and stories to tell and kisses to give. Soon this family of three will be a family of four and this time together will be a chapter in the books.

Maternity Photography

Why Maternity Photos with Toddlers?

I have a few behind the scene videos of how an at home newborn session works- I try to arrive at your home when you are feeding your new baby which gives me sometime to find some pockets of light, warm up a few spaces with my travel space heater, move a chair or kitchen table to get the best lighting and get set up for our time together. Your home is not on display! And no, you do not have to be an interior decorator to have photographs done in your own home. All of the images you see on my website, my instagram, my blogs, are all taken in hallways, kitchens, guest bedrooms, laundry rooms. That is MY job! You get to relax, feed your baby, snuggle and play with your children while I find the moments that make for beautiful photos of your life.

Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography

Newborn Sibling Photos at Home

I will always tell my Mamas to get these kids so pumped and excited to see me.  I want to be your friend and someone they can play with and look forward to meeting.  Though I do think it is important to share that I will be bringing a camera and taking photographs, I do […]

Candid Family Photos
Family Photography

How to Prep Your Family for our Photography Session | Main Line PA

Young toddlers and children outdoors can be so fun. There are so many ways to engage with each other and with your environment that can add element of exploration and newness to your gallery. Nature lends so much to see and do. The sun gives us light to play with and elevated your photos. Keeping your toddlers engaged in a natural way will give us the best results from our time together.

Outdoor Family Photography
Family Photography

Natural Family Photography Outdoors | Philadelphia PA

As a Family and Newborn photographer, I work in so many different homes with so many different parenting and communication styles, but the underlying tone of my voice as a photographer is patient, creative and fun. With that being said, having parents on board for letting the session unfold organically is super important. To be present and flowy is the best way to engage with young children in a professional photographic setting.

Natural Newborn Photography in home with Toddlers
Newborn Photography

Newborns and Toddlers | Philadelphia Photography

My commitment to only photographing newborns in their own space, at their own pace, fuels my why. It is important to me as a natural newborn photographer to be in the actual space where you live and raise your baby to give you a unique, true-to-you representation of this time in your life. Though the session below stole my heart with their family and maternity session, the newborn photos are the most personal- a glimpse behind the curtain into the home her father renovated and the room her mother designed for her arrival.

To showcase these three sessions, an album was hand crafted to have a tangible gift to hold and look at. Her first year here Earth side, photographed from inside the womb, to kicking in the crib and finally eating her toes by the bay.

Natural Newborn Photography at home in Philadelphia
Family Photography

Maternity, Newborn to Family | Photography in PA

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